Monday, October 5, 2015

FALL Into Writing

Fall is my favorite season of the year! I'm a huge fan of crisp Autumn nights, hot cocoa, leaves changing colors to orange, yellow, and red hues and pumpkin flavored ANYTHING. There is nothing better than a slice of pumpkin pie with a (large) dollop of whipped cream!
The summers always seem busy with things happening all the time. This summer was no exception. We had a wedding, a family reunion, family vacation, and at the end of it all, we moved! Whew! I was glad to get back to a schedule of school and homework. My husband thinks I'm crazy for celebrating the end of summer but I can't help it. I love what's coming next.

What I'm most excited about is getting back on track with writing. I am part of a local writers group. There are about six of us that get together once a month and have a critique session or talk about all things writing. It helps keep me motivated. I find I am more focused on my stories and want to devote more time to writing. During the summer, everyone is too busy to meet. So fall means, we're back in business!
Our first meeting since summer, Author Jennifer Shaw Wolf, spoke about "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron. I've heard of it before and know it's on my wish list of books to get. We talked about doing Morning Pages (each receiving our own notebook for it) and how that can clear your mind and prepare us for a productive writing day. It was a good meeting and I feel fortunate to have other talented writers in my life that are around to help and support me.
In November is the annual NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month- For some Authors it's a time of excitement as they pull together a story idea and take the month to write it out. For others, it can be a cause of stress. Maybe we put too much pressure to complete a work of art in one month. Truth be told, I have never completed it. But that doesn't mean I don't try. Any writing done is better than none at all. So I am going to attempt, again, to complete NANOWRIMO and hope for the best! Wouldn't it be cool to report that I had, indeed, written a 50K word novel?! But if I don't do it, there's always next year, right? Ha ha
With the cool air and falling leaves, I need to put on my writing sweater (yep, I truly have one) and grab my hot cup of pumpkin spice tea, and settle in for some time with words. I will continue to carve out time every day and hope that I can meet my goal of finishing a novel this year.
Happy Fall Everyone!

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